What to Expect 

Finding a church family is a difficult task... let alone starting a personal relationship with God!  So at Journey we keep it simple.  What you will find at Journey is the REAL stuff - Real People, Real Faith, Real Love.  Some of the things you might experience includes:

  • A friendly atmosphere (like coming home to your loving family)
  • Committed worship (Sundays are meant to be a place of connection and decision - in a safe & free environment) 
  • Challenge (we take Jesus at His word and challenge ourselves)
  • Development in Small Groups (we believe that life happens in the small group model - families, teams, coworkers, and church)
  • Family-Driven Mindset (our programs are built around helping the whole family grow closer together and closer to God - including our children's, youth & adult devotional tools)
  • Missional Focus (involving every person in simple ways to impact the world)
  • Supportive Family (when we fail on occasion, it's the family of God that is there to help restore us back on the journey)

 What Jesus Says about "Members" of His Body

At Journey, we have examined closely what Jesus and the New Testament church practiced as members of the body, and developed these five descriptions from Jesus:
Believers - He who believes & is baptized shall be saved (Acts 2:38)
· Accepting the gift of salvation thru baptism into the family of God
· Pursuing a relationship with God in corporate worship and personal faith
Followers - Come, Follow Me... (Matt 4:19, Acts 2:44-46)
· Growing in knowledge & devotion to God through Bible Study & Prayer
· Developing a relationship with other believers in a Life Group setting
Servants - The greatest will be servant of all. (Matt 20:26, Acts 6:3)
· Getting involved in an area of ministry 2-3 weekends per month based on gifting
· Finding ways to serve daily in your home, neighborhood, work, school, etc.
Givers - Even the Son of man came to give His life as a ransom for many. (Acts 2:45, Mal 3)
· Setting aside a percentage of your income as a first-fruit offering to God's work
· Increasing the percentage of resources we give to grow Christ's work on earth
Lovers - God added to their number daily those being saved.  (Acts 2:47, Mt 28:18-20)
· Investing and inviting people to connect with God at worship
· Demonstrating the love of Christ to the next person in your life  

 Joining the Journey

While we encourage people to make individual decisions regarding Jesus as Savior, we believe families (parents) make the joint decision to join a church family. We support families making this public commitment to be a member of the church body.  Here are the steps we recommend:

    • Commit to Christ If you've never made a public profession of faith or been immersed in baptism (Acts 2), we encourage you to follow the Scriptures and give your life to Christ. 
    • Join the Church For those who have committed to Christ and want to be a part of the church, we encourage you to come forward and make that commitment verbal on a Sunday morning.
    • Serve on a Team - Jesus calls all of us to serve the Lord, and we believe in the importance of being on a team.  This means serving the family in some form, that supports the body and brings Jesus glory.  Serving is one of the ways we grow our faith and learn the heart of Jesus, and it is crucial to sharing your faith with others.
    • Connect to a Group - We encourage every person (at all ages) to connect in a small group, just as the New Testament church did in Acts 2.  Our website (www.journeycc.net) offers you the quickest way to find a group that fits your needs.
    • Invest & Invite others - You are part of a new Kingdom-and Jesus made it clear that we live for a new King!  To do that, start investing a portion of your resources into His Work (giving a percentage of your income), and start praying/inviting others to know Jesus as their personal friend, Savior & Lord.  Your story of faith is His-Story of Grace ... so tell others about your personal walk with God.