Generosity Matters!

THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!  Your gifts matter!  Not only does it honor God, but every dollar is used to support His Kingdom.  We  encourage you to make Giving to God's Kingdom a Planned Prioritized Percentage of what God blesses you with.  You have three options:

1) login below for Member Giving   

2) click this link for Guest Giving 

3) See Instructions below for Giving by TEXT Message


If you'd prefer to give using your smart phone, you can text your offering, donation, or payment as follows: 

1) TEXT 30131

2) IN THE THE MESSAGE OF YOUR TEXT include one of the CODES below and the $Amount you'd like to pay. 

CODE                              TYPE 

- JCC $Amount               Offering

- JCC4KIDS $Amount    Purchase of our Children's Suites 

- JCCMISS $Amount      Missions Offering 

- JCCSTU $Amount        Student Fundraising Offering 

- JCCPAY $Amount        Payments 

- CIYMIX $Amount         CIY MIX Payments

- CIYMOVE $Amount     CIY MOVE Payments 

3) You'll receive a message back with a link to include your credit or debit card info. After submitting your info you'll receive a text with your receipt. 

CONTACT our Office - (209) 833-8470 with questions or send email to