Our Main Ministry Opportunities at Journey

The greatest among you will be your servant. Jesus – Matt 20:26

At Journey, we take seriously the opportunity to be servants of the Most High God, and feel honored that Jesus would use us in His work. So we’ve tried to make sure every person is able to contribute to the family and participate on a team. We’ve also learned from our volunteers and leaders what basic disciplines make for a successful team, and have encouraged both leaders and team members to commit to those disciplines. Below is an outline of those commitments we make to each other as part of the Journey Team. We encourage every person to model these commitments, as a demonstration of the love of Christ to Jesus and to their church family. It’s just our way of loving each other – one at a time!

FOR A LIST OF MINISTRY TEAMS, Click:     MinistryTeams.pdf

Commitments to our Volunteers

  • While we are all carry the responsibility of being committed to each other on the team, our leaders are also committed to the health and development of every team member. Our leaders commit to:
  • We commit to do our best to model the Volunteer Commitments.

  • We commit to respond with grace and mercy when mistakes are made, but also address them for the sake of each volunteer and our teams.

  • We commit to recruit volunteers to serve for a season and give you the chance to change or renew your involvement each season.

  • We commit to communicate and support volunteers who need to change their ministry area or modify their involvement.

  • We commit to request only 2-3 Sundays per month of involvement for weekend ministries, encouraging families to worship together at least once per month.

  • We commit to encourage every volunteer to have one service they can attend for worship.

  • We commit to value your feedback and input, and implement ideas where it makes sense for the team or ministry.

  • We commit to pray for and support our teams – as they are part of our family.


Journey Volunteer Commitments

  • Take it Personally – Intentionally Practice the Mission                    (Matt 28:18-20)

  • Stay Fit – Personal Wholeness                                                            (John 13:35)

  • Remain Open-Handed – Professionalism & Integrity                        (1Cor 4:2)

  • Make it Better – Ministry Excellence w/ a Positive Attitude             (Phil 2:5, Eph 5:21)

  • Get Better – Maintain a Teachable Spirit                                             (Matt 4:10)

  • Collaborate – Invest in Communication                                              (Eph 4:15)

  • Replace Ourselves – Mentor and Disciple Others                            (1Cor 12:27)